Our Story

What Inspires Us

What Inspires Us

Our parents were local Santa Barbara musicians with a vision for their 3 talented sons to follow in their footsteps. They started the band when we were 6,7, and 8 years old. Growing up on State Street was fun.

Our dream was to tour & record our own music. We did that and it changed our lives forever.


What Inspires Us

What Inspires Us

What Inspires Us

We're inspired by people who appreciate our music, and by other professional players with the same dream.



Our Influences

What Inspires Us

Our Influences

R&B and Classic Rock

Our lyrics are personal and inspired by our own lives. 


What Reverbnation Has To Say

Artist Bio

The Brian Faith Band aka Ernie and The Emperors started in Santa Barbara/Ventura, CA. They have played at fairs, expos, corporate events, and college dates up and down the California coast. In addition to performing Classic Rock Cover Songs, the band is now promoting original music worldwide. The first song on the playlist "Incense & Peppermints '07" (Lead Vocals by Big Brother Ernie Joseph) is a remake of the number 1 hit. Some of the band members originally toured and recorded with Greg Munford, aka Strawberry Alarm Clock/Giant Crab. Brian Faith Band's original song, "I'm In Love," is recorded in a fun, driving rock style.The band's original song, "Michael," is a tribute to our Armed Forces. I believe this song will deeply touch the hearts of many Americans, as well as people worldwide. Brian Faith Band's song "Havin' Fun" is their new original in the upbeat style of Pop/Ska. "In The Groove" is another one of the band's favorite originals. Many of you may recall Big Brother Ernie Joseph's albums: "Confusion," "South East Tour" and "An All American Emperor" on AKARMA Records. Perhaps some of you are still fans of Big Brother Ernie Joseph's single "E.S.P." (Lead Vocals and Guitar by Ernie Joseph) b/w "Brother Where Are You" (Lead Vocals by Greg Munford - SAC). In any case, I am positive you will enjoy Ernie and the Brian Faith Band's work featured on this site as well as the band's many new originals currently in the works.


Memories of the Road Part 1

Recently, Ernie sent me his memories of the years he spent touring. Every musician worth his salt has to pay his dues on the road and Ernie is no exception. Here is Part 1 of those memories. If you enjoy these entries, please let me know by leaving a comment. It's appreciated!

ERNIE: Bill Holmes, our manager, scheduled two performances on one ominous, rainy night. His idea was for us to play a late afternoon concert at Gilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, then, hours later, take a private plane to the next gig in Richmond, Virginia. The show in Richmond was at an outdoor concert sponsored by local radio station WLEE 96.5 FM and the notable DJ celebrity, Shane. The plane was a single-engine Cessna. 

Wet from the Greensboro show, we over-packed the small plane with band members and some instruments. As we boarded, climbing over the delicate Cessna wing, we heard thunder and lightning. It was eerie when vocalist Greg Munford said, “This is scary. I hope we don’t end-up like Buddy Holly and Richie Valens.”...

The thunder and lightning got more intense and, after a rough flight, we finally approached the Richmond Airport runway in the storm. The plane landed uncontrollably, finally coming to a stop, but sliding off the runway and getting stuck in thick, mushy, wet grass. In the pouring rain, the pilot asked us all to try to move the Cessna back onto the runway. It was a futile effort. Moments later, concert promoters rushed us to the gig in a waiting van. It made us realize that we could have easily been victims of another Rock plane crash tragedy.

After the performance we were asked to play at the historical Civic Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, with Bruce Springsteen and Steel Mill. We were impressed by the way the center had been transformed from an ice hockey arena to a Rock venue.

BRIAN FAITH: I remember first feeling the cold, spacious air and then, at a distance, seeing the relatively small ice hockey floor. Then I remember the ice being quickly melted and the floor’s refrigerant pipes being removed one-by-one in the metamorphosis. It was an unbelievable transformation. Like a magical illusion, the ice hockey arena was gone like it never existed; moments later we were on stage with Springsteen for another memorable show.

ERNIE: The Southeast Tour was our fourth consecutive major tour. We did a bay area tour in California with Sal Ellner, who managed and produced the Count Five. We met him and his band at a Santa Barbara benefit concert for San Marcos High’s Valley Stadium. It was a fundraiser promoted by radio station KIST and the school to purchase stadium lights. At the time, The Count Five had a national hit song, Psychotic Reaction, that topped at Number One in Billboard.

We also did a Wolfman Jack California college tour with The Strawberry Alarm Clock’s Greg Munford. Wolfman Jack was a legendary figure in LA radio. He later went on to be the host of one of Rock’s most successful live concert shows, The Midnight Special. We did shows with Wolfman Jack, from Fresno State to San Diego State, and just about every major college in-between. 

After the Wolfman Jack episode, we did a Northwest tour with booking agent Pat Mason, who, at the time, produced and managed Paul Revere & The Raiders. Pat also booked us with the Zombies. It was called The Time of The Season Tour. We played just about every club, auditorium, college, and armory in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Canada. The gigs were constant, virtually non-stop, night-after-night concert shows, miles apart. 

The constant touring really got us prepared for our album, Confusion, which we recorded at Original Sound Studios in Los Angeles. Highlights of our LA recording sessions included drop-in visits by Jim Morrison of the Doors and Dicky Peterson of Blue Cheer. The Confusion album successfully opened doors and launched us into the Southeast Tour.


Ernie & The Emperors Opening For Isley Brothers

The Brian Faith Band still believes in the power of rock 'n' roll

By Bill Locey

While the Tearaways, Ball & Sultan, the Upbeat, Cocktails From Hell and Spencer the Gardener are the usual suspects when it comes to the old-school rock soundtrack for Santa Barbara, the Brian Faith Band predates all of them.

Once upon a time in the 1960s, three Orosco brothers Cory, Brian and Ernie plus bass player Randy Busby were known as Ernie and the Emperors and were the most popular band in the 805, routinely packing places that now survive only as memories. They had a memorable debut opening for the Isley Brothers at the Earl Warren Showgrounds. Soon after they became the house band for Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara and were signed by Frank Sinatra’s label, Reprise (Warner Bros) and scored a regional hit with 1965's "Meet Me at the Corner," a little slice of Brit-pop, 805-style.

Reality intruded with band members ending up in the military, a frequent destination for young Americans as the Vietnam War was just kicking into high gear. When the members returned to civilian life, they hooked up with Strawberry Alarm Clock singer Greg Munford and formed a group called Giant Crab. In 1969, the band changed directions and zip codes, heading to Georgia and becoming Big Brother Ernie Joseph. That group had a much heavier sound, which led to adventures with the Allman Brothers. Band members returned to SoCal after five years and, under different monikers, have continued to rock, always with the three brothers in the mix.

The Brian Faith Band has a vast and lengthy repertoire that stretches all the way back to the dawn of rock music in the '50s. They have many originals (including Original Music, a new CD released May 2018 of 16 original songs), not to mention plenty of new stories. It is with sadness but great resolve that Big Brother Ernie Joseph and Brian Faith go on without their most beloved brother Cory, always guided by the dreams they shared about the providing the best music, with great positivity and always Keeping the Faith.